Media planning

SRDS BRAD is an indispensable media planning tool which provides a single source of in‐depth profile information for all UK media titles that sell ad space. SRDS BRAD’s directory offers rich information on media titles, their key people e.g. editorial, production and commercial contacts, together with in‐depth channel, category and performance data.

You can create your media campaign by building comprehensive schedules and reports from SRDS BRAD’s data. Compile title lists for each schedule, and benchmark media titles by performance and cost.

  • Save time – with over 10,000 media titles across all media channels you can be sure to find everything you need to know, quickly and easily. Create, save and amend title lists.
  • Make informed buying decisions – analyse the latest ABC, PAMCo, JICREG and RAJAR reports to gain insight into circulation, readership and rates to help you to identify the most suitable titles and platforms for your campaign.
  • Plan cross-channel ad campaigns – refine and filter by category, region, and sector.
  • Make informed decisions – compare and track media title performance and view historical data to ensure campaign success.
  • Be confident – the top advertising agencies use SRDS BRAD when planning their campaigns, so you can be confident that it will deliver impeccable results for you too.

SRDS BRAD is key for planning successful media campaigns that maximize advertising spend.